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Is it worth getting a For Sale board when selling my house?

Once you have your property on the market, is it worth getting a For Sale board outside? With Rightmove and Zoopla being the main way people find properties to buy, it could be argued that For Sale boards are redundant. But do they increase the chances of selling?

A question we are often asked when we first put a property on the market is “Do we need a For Sale board?”. The answer isn’t always yes. Due to 85% of people using websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove to find their next home For Sale boards aren’t as important an aid to selling as they were say ten years ago. But that doesn’t mean that they are now redundant.

Should the property being sold be situated upon a busy road or thoroughfare, then the extra exposure they bring in advertising your house is of definite benefit.

Benefits of having a For Sale board

Word of mouth advertising
Always an important factor when it comes to selling your home. Most of your friends and family will know that you are looking to buy a new property. This goes for other people looking to buy. So should a friend see the For Sale board, they may well pass that information on to a friend who is looking to buy.

On-street advertising
Obviously having a board outside your property lets everyone know who happens to pass your property that it is on the market and available to view. As a company we have sold properties in the past from people seeing the board and ringing in to enquire about availability.

Downfalls to having a For Sale board

Too many For Sale boards on a street
It could be argued that too many For sale boards on one street may give the wrong impression to people looking to buy. If they show up to a viewing and find that there are many boards lining the street they may think there is something wrong with the area which is making people vacate!

Upsetting the neighbours
Some neighbours may feel that having a For Sale board next door to them leaves the street looking untidy. Although this may not be a huge concern to most, having good relations with neighbours is often a priority for homeowners.

So is a For Sale sign right for me?

In our experience, the advice we give people is ‘Yes, if the property is situated on a main thoroughfare”.

The extra advertising that comes from having a For Sale sign is valuable and can lead to your house being sold. Which of course is the end goal. Any extra advertising is a positive when it comes to selling your home.