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Online estate agent or high street estate agent?

Not sure whether to use an online or local estate agent to use?

Do you settle for an online estate agent who doesn’t really know the local market and charges an upfront fee for a service which has not yet been delivered?

Or do you go with a local agent who has the knowledge of the local market but charges a percentage fee on completion of the sale which in most cases costs thousands of pounds? Not to mention that with both business models you must fork out on average of £500 on top of this for conveyancing fees.

How about instructing a company that has taken the benefits of both the online and local estate agent business models by providing a local estate agency service with the fee structures and marketing exposure of an online estate agent? We charge a modest fee of £995 + VAT payable only upon completion of the sale. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it isn’t, and you know what, it gets even better.

Have you ever heard of an estate agent that put their money where their mouth is?

At MoveOn Estate Agents we guarantee that if we have not sold your house in the first six weeks of marketing then we will pay for the conveyancing fees associated with the sale of the property saving you a further £500. Now that’s confidence!

Why not get in contact today on 01204 875 886 to book a free property valuation from one of our dedicated local property experts and take your next steps in achieving the best price for your property and save thousands in selling and legal fees at the same time.