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Renting A Room – A Lodger’s Guide

Renting a room in someone’s home can be a good and relatively inexpensive way of finding accommodation. Below is a guide to help you through the process and to help you find the right room for you.

Finding a room

  • First things first, think about the areas that would suit you best and the facilities you would like
  • Look in local shops, news papers and post offices for advertisements of people renting a room
  • Think about creating your own advert or look at agencies who can help you

Meeting your prospective landlord

  • Find out some background about your landlord and their family
  • Check the room and its facilities to meet your requirements
  • Find out about house rules (smoking, pets, visitors etc)
  • See if there are extra services available (cleaning, washing, meals etc)
  • Get information regarding rent
  • Do you contribute to council tax or not
  • Confirm the insurance position
  • Ask about security (For example, who has a set of keys)
  • Complete application forms fully and honestly
  • Get references together from previous employers or landlords

Get everything in writing

  • Try get all arrangements and agreements in writing from your landlord – this could come handy in the future
  • Get some funds together as you will most likely have to pay a deposit and a months rent in advance
  • Always keep receipts for everything
  • Take pictures of the room before you move in

Ending a letting

  • If you want to end a letting, make sure you give your landlord notice
  • For your landlord to end a letting, they need to give you reasonable notice
  • You and your landlord can come to a mutual agreement to end a letting
  • Get the notice in writing