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How is Brexit going to effect the sale of my house?

This question we receive several times a week. With the current uncertainty about our future with Europe it is understandable why this question is asked. The answer is a complicated one, and really does depend on what sort of Brexit we end up with.

The Importance of First Time Buyers and the Property Market

According to recent studies its first time buyers that are currently driving the UK property market with borrowers taking out mortgages totalling £18.9 billion in January. Last year an estimate of 339,000 first time buyers joined the property ladder with the Council of Mortgage Lenders predicting this is a trend that will persist well into […]read more

Post-Referendum, What’s Really Happening with UK Property Prices?

The unexpected news of Brexit made people wonder whether a UK housing market that has reached all time highs this past year would disastrously collapse. Various news outlets have been making doomsday predictions for a summer slump, citing political instability and economic uncertainty. But the reality, a month after the referendum vote, has been far […]read more

Low Fixed-rate Mortgages Hit the Headlines

Mortgage brokers have been breaking records in recent weeks in an effort to draw more borrowers into re-mortgaging. Fixed interest rates for 10 year mortgages are at an all time low. So, if you are looking to buy a new home, or refinance the one you have, now is a great time. Let’s take a […]read more

Interest Rates Stay Put, But For How Long?

If you’re currently thinking about climbing aboard the UK property ladder, you’ll be aware that it certainly seems to be a fantastic time to do so. This is because interest rates are extremely low, and look set to remain that way for some time yet. Despite the fact that the Bank of England and other […]read more

Average UK House Price Now £197,000

According to Nationwide, UK house prices have started to rise, and this could be great news for those wishing to climb a little higher up the property ladder. Although the average UK house price slid down by 3.2% in August 2015, it has climbed back up by 0.6% and is now at a respectable £197,000. […]read more

Interest Rates: When Will They Move?

For first time buyers especially, as well as pretty much all homeowners to some extent, the big question at the moment has to be: ‘When will interest rates drop or rise?’ This is a very good question indeed, because just a few points up or down can have a huge effect on our monthly outgoings. […]read more

25% of mortgage loans given out in London

Wandsworth, in south London, is the postcode with households that have the highest mortgage debt collectively. New figures break down loans to the postcodes they are assigned to in a new table format. Over a quarter of Britain’s mortgage debt is locked into properties in London – totalling £891bn. The remaining £227bn worth of home […]read more